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This is actually a Spring, Summer, and Autumn greeting all rolled into one… It has been far too long since I gave GreenLeaf Kitchen any love. I let all the busy and distracting bits of my crazy life get the better of me. (you can read this post for a bit of what I’ve been […]


Wow, we’re already a month into 2018!?! Happy, abundant, healthful, and delicious New Years wishes! In case you hadn’t noticed we took a longer hiatus than we intended. The original intention was to take two weeks off to give the three of us hardworking Green Leafers time to celebrate the holidays, enjoy our families and […]


Addiction is such a loaded term. Merriam-Webster defines addiction as “a strong and harmful need to regularly have something or do something”. Anyone who suffers from an addiction can sympathize; having a vice that holds sway over you sucks! Addiction can run the gamut from mildly annoying, to life destroying. That nagging inner voice that […]


Salt, sugar, and fat… Since I use at least one of these in every meal I cook, and in every recipe I create, I am continually trying to make sure I am choosing the most mineral rich salts, the least refined sugars, and the healthiest oils I can. Salt… as a general rule, I recommend […]


The way I eat is a hodge-podge of ideas and theories taken from many different diets, my upbringing, and different philosophies I’ve encountered. It’s also the result of lots of experimentation and elimination dieting. I am calling my diet “The Crazy Bunny Diet”. It might be more descriptive to call it the Crazy Bunny, Crow, […]


Day trips with the kids and husband pretty much always involve eating. One way I fight the urge to buy food I’ll regret later is to pack us all a decadent, healthy picnic from home. On a recent day trip to Point Reyes and Tomales Bay, I packed a picnic of jar salads (salads that travel well in […]


Traveling and family get-togethers, are two of the hardest situations in which to eat right. Since I was a little girl, I associated car trips with the fun of getting to eat treats, food that I never ate at home. When out on the road I’m always tempted to indulge, and it’s almost always something that I know won’t do my body […]