It is rare that the timing works out; that I can take a couple days to catch my breath just at the time when I really need to. This summer it all came together; there was a birthday to celebrate, Birthdays are a great excuse to do something that might otherwise be thought of as frivolous, grandma was delighted to stay with the kids, we had friends who were game for joining the celebration, and there was space available at our favorite getaway spot.

As I pondered just how much stress I could load onto my proverbial plate, and did my best not to totally over plan, nor to get my hopes too high about heading off for a much-needed break, the date of our little excursion drew near. And thankfully, nothing happened to derail the plans.

Our getaway was a delight, a total success. We had a wonderful, fun and best of all relaxing time. And I came home fully recharged and energized.


And the whole experience was a huge reminder of just how vital it is to take time to relax and recharge. I advocate for balancing life to achieve the best health possible. That a key component to a healthy life is relaxation. And yet, taking time to relax is one of the first things to push off the schedule, especially when life gets too full and it is most needed.

It is rare that I get to catch my breath in such a luxurious manner; as taking a couple days at Indian Springs in Calistoga. Creating the space to relax and recharge, physically and emotionally doesn’t have to be somewhere or something specific. But it is essential. Indian Springs was a great reminder that I can’t ignore it when I need to recharge, reset, or relax. That taking the time to feed my well-being is just as important as eating healthy, getting exercise and sleep.