Hello! Wow, it’s been far too long… I’ve been neglecting this digital blog space for such a very very long time… I have missed this space. 

A bit of an update… As many of you know it was my personal health struggles (you can read all about that here) that started me on a journey of discovery and learning. It’s a path that I have followed through the murky waters of medicine, holistic health, nutrition, and more. For me, that journey of experimentation, discovery, and learning culminated in a focus on holistic nutrition. I went back to school and got certified as a Nutrition Consultant. Gosh I love learning. But wow is it harder when you’re older. I found my calling as a Functional Nutrition and Health Consultant. A focus that is endlessly fascinating, engaging, and fulfilling. Helping all of you feel stronger and healthier brings me endless joy! 

My focus as a nutritionist is to help people gather the tools needed to make informed decisions for their health and happiness. I offer training and guidance so the people I work with can empower themselves in the areas of health and nutrition. I believe in functional nutrition, in taking an approach that looks at all the factors that make up the whole person, then bringing focus to what will bring the greatest health in a joyful way. You can find out more here.

And now I am super excited to announce that I’m diving back into the world of nutrition! I’m opening my books, welcoming back established clients and getting to know new ones. OK, enough with the self-promotion…

Where I’ve been… Where have I been? Physically, I’ve been here in town, taking care of my family, and rolling with the everyday. Medically, I’ve gone through the ringer; less so with the M.S. which has been mostly quiet for several years now, more so with side effects from M.S. medications. I am super happy to be off all meds, and finding out who a much older, and much healthier me is.

Cheers to being back, and to health and joy in the future…