Traveling and family get-togethers, are two of the hardest situations in which to eat right. Since I was a little girl, I associated car trips with the fun of getting to eat treats, food that I never ate at home. When out on the road I’m always tempted to indulge, and it’s almost always something that I know won’t do my body well. But I refuse to let this little wrinkle keep me from the joy of travel, from the fun of trips with family or friends. These adventures are just as important for my well being as eating the foods that fight inflammation or feed my gut microbes. For me, making the act of traveling the treat instead of indulging my taste buds is not always easy, but, in the end, way more delicious!

We recently loaded into the car to take a day trip down the Northern California coast to see Grandma. We stopped at the charming little town of Pescadero along the way, just for the the joy of it (and a great almond milk late!). Yeah, I still sneak the treats in when I can, it’s all about moderation.