Day trips with the kids and husband pretty much always involve eating. One way I fight the urge to buy food I’ll regret later is to pack us all a decadent, healthy picnic from home.

On a recent day trip to Point Reyes and Tomales Bay, I packed a picnic of jar salads (salads that travel well in mason jars); Curry Chicken with lots of turmeric, raw Cauliflower & Broccoli, and Napa Cabbage with Jicama. Each can be eaten salad-style or scooped up with crackers (for the kids), I also tossed in a couple apples, and sparkling waters for fun. Some of our other picnic favorites are humus, cut up veggies and fruits, salami, pesto, cheese, any homemade baked good… What I pack is as diverse and imaginative as what we eat at home. If it’s tasty and not too messy, we’ll take it with.

Never one to totally forego the treats, the hubby and I often indulge a bit on the way out of town by grabbing a nut milk latte from our local Bartavelle Cafe. They do sweeten their homemade almond/cashew milk with dates, but I figured I’m being super careful about my food choices specifically so I can have a little wiggle-room. Wiggle-room is part of finding balance when it comes to lifestyle changes!