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Here is a recipe to warm your kitchen and your tummy, a tender, fall-off-the-bone “stewed” chicken. It is delicious as is, on top of salad, with a grain, in tacos… you can use it as the base for another dish; lasagna, enchilada, casserole… If your pot (I use one of those enameled cast iron Dutch […]


Here is a deliciously healthy addition at a holiday party. During this time of celebrations and holiday treats, sticking to a healthful eating style is made infinitely easier when there are yummy snacks to be had. I love having delectable spreads waiting in the fridge. Having something tasty and healthy on hand is key to […]

Eggs, Zucchini and Garlic


On the rare mornings that call for something a little more decadent than vegetable soup I’ll make Zucchini Nested Eggs. This dish is delicious, satisfying, and once it’s plated up and served, it is beautiful. The best part is that it is relatively easy to prepare. I came up with this dish when the kids wanted something special […]

Morning tradition Vegetable soup with homemade bone broth


My favorite breakfast, my nearly everyday go-to is vegetable soup. It seems that every food book, diet or research paper I have found on food and disease, calls for more vegetables (especially the leafy green ones.) My husband and I have experimented with this soup for five years, adding and subtracting different spices and vegetables, trying […]