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Happy, abundant, healthful, and delicious New Years wishes! In case you hadn’t noticed we took a longer hiatus than we intended. The original intention was to take two weeks off to give the three of us hardworking Green Leafers time to celebrate the holidays, enjoy our families and friends, organize and straighten out the loose-ends of 2017 life, maybe even travel a bit. Then start back refreshed and inspired.


For us at Green Leaf Kitchen, getting out with the family is pretty important on the weekends. It allows us to decompress and be spontaneous together (we are a family of rhythm and planning, breaking the rhythm from time to time feels really good). While we are lucky enough to live in the California’s Bay […]


It is rare that the timing works out; that I can take a couple days to catch my breath just at the time when I really need to. This summer it all came together; there was a birthday to celebrate, Birthdays are a great excuse to do something that might otherwise be thought of as […]


Day trips with the kids and husband pretty much always involve eating. One way I fight the urge to buy food I’ll regret later is to pack us all a decadent, healthy picnic from home. On a recent day trip to Point Reyes and Tomales Bay, I packed a picnic of jar salads (salads that travel well in […]


Traveling and family get-togethers, are two of the hardest situations in which to eat right. Since I was a little girl, I associated car trips with the fun of getting to eat treats, food that I never ate at home. When out on the road I’m always tempted to indulge, and it’s almost always something that I know won’t do my body […]