Salmon Lake California, Cabins set natural wilderness in the Sierra


This summer the family and I packed up and made the trek to the Sierras in Northern California. What an amazing adventure we had, hiking, boating, fishing, and oh so much swimming. And, of course, lots of great food. For as glorious of a time as the hubby and I had, I’m pretty sure the kids and the dog enjoyed themselves even more!

This wasn’t a full-on tent camping trip, it was pretty swanky, we had the good fortune to get to stay in a rustic cabin. But food was still a big consideration. The kids voted for eating s’mores for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have to admit to a split-second of fantasizing about how easy that would be. But, no, we might not have been in our own kitchen, but we were still going to consume food that was both decadent and nutritious. So, menu plan in hand, and a cooler packed with greens, we headed for the Sierras in Northern California.

Our destination was a picturesque lake that I have spent many a summer at as a youngster, Salmon Lake is a tradition in my family. And this summer was one to remember! The weather was perfect, the lake was full from all the snow we got this last winter.