For us at Green Leaf Kitchen, getting out with the family is pretty important on the weekends. It allows us to decompress and be spontaneous together (we are a family of rhythm and planning, breaking the rhythm from time to time feels really good). While we are lucky enough to live in the California’s Bay Area were short trips can take you from Napa to Point Reyes or Santa Cruz, however, making healthy snacks and throwing the whole family in the car is not always the answer.

 A few weeks ago we needed to run a few errands in our hometown of Berkeley and so decided to spend the day walking around instead of driving. While this was heavy on time (we spent about half the day walking) we got the opportunity to see sides of our fair little city that we had not seen before, got a lot of great exercise, along with checking some shopping and a haircut off our to-do list. We are not super political, but try instead to speak with our dollar and spending it in our community at shops that care about the quality of their product like Berkeley’s Local Butcher makes this rewarding.